BLADE Machine Starter Pack including 1 Heineken Keg, 1 Birra Moretti Keg + 12 Branded Glasses


***Available to ship to the Maltese Islands ONLY*** Blade Draught Machine allows you to experience Fresh Brewery Draught Beer at home. This appliance is very easy to install and operate. All you require is 30cm x 45 cm counter space and an electricity socket 240v outlet. The 8 Litre Blade Kegs need to be refrigerated for a minimum of 24 hours before placing in the Blade machine. Once a keg is installed in the Blade Machine it will stay fresh for up to 30 days. This Starter Pack includes the Blade Machine and Dome along with 1 Heineken Blade Keg, 1 Birra Moretti Blade Keg, 6 Heineken Half Pint Glasses and 6 Birra Moretti Half Pint Glasses. Blade Machine – Set it up

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Alcohol content:5.0%