Highclere Castle Gin 70cl


Highclere Castle Gin, winner of 21 prestigious double gold and platinum awards with a rating of 96 from the awards and USA Spirit Ratings. Highclere Castle is famous around the world as ?the real Downton Abbey?. Highclere Castle Gin is distilled from a blend of botanicals grown on Highclere Castle?s ancient estate including vibrant oranges from the Victorian Orangery. This exceptionally smooth London Dry Gin integrates juniper, orange zest, lime flower, cardamom, and other botanicals along with Highclere?s famous oats to soften the finish. Bottled at 43.5% ABV, it is quickly becoming a must have in the world of cocktail mixology. Highclere Castle Gin is distilled at Langley Distillery, England?s oldest gin distillery. The bottle is custom produced in England.
Highclere Castle is renowned throughout the world for hosting extravagant parties with many of the world?s most interesting people and Highclere Castle Gin was created to celebrate the ?true spirit? of Highclere.
?If humankind was as subtle, smooth, and balanced as this gin, the world would be a much finer place.?
-Chris Carlsson, Spirits Review Rating: 10/10
?a very classy and charming gin. A combination of bright and earthy citrus from orange and lemon, classic juniper, and earthy notes of angelica and cassia.? ? Paul Jackson, The Gin Guide
For cocktail ideas, meet Highclere Castle?s Head Butler, Luis as he makes cocktails live at the castle.
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Alcohol content:43.5%